Dear EPP,

As one of the most influential political organizations in Europe, I ask you to carry out an inquiry at your Hungarian member, Fidesz.

The party's prominent publicist, Zsolt Bayer, who is one of the founders of Fidesz, published an incredibly racist article against the Roma minority, calling for action against (not for, to help, but against) this minority. He called the majority of Romas animals, and he stated that "... animals shouldn't exist. In any way. This is what we have to solve - immediately and by any means!".

The article was published on the 5th of January and although a couple of members of Fidesz have condemned Bayer for his comments, to my knowledge the party has not started the revocation of Bayer's membership, nor was any official comment made about their member's article in the past nine days.

Zsolt Bayer is the leading publicist of Magyar Hírlap, which is owned by Fidesz affiliates, and he is a proud member of Fidesz. Hence I hold Fidesz responsible for these unacceptable, deeply racist comments that call for actual physical harm against a minority mostly living below the poverty level. Such comments are totally unacceptable in the Europe I would like to live in, no matter how important freedom of speech is to us as a community.


As Fidesz is a member of your organization, and as such, needs to accept and respect your political programme and by-laws and internal regulations. I most certainly hope that making such comments is against those, even in case of an individual member.

Link to the original article:…

Please use an independent translation, Hungarian is tricky language, a lot can be lost or changed when translated, and I didn't want to distract your objectivity with my version.


Best regards,


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